Thursday, January 17, 2008

Homeschooling in the News: Educating at Home: Home-School Families find ways to network

The complete article can be found here.

I think it is a great read for those who homeschool and others who are just interested in it. There are often so many misconceptions that information always helps.

Educating at home: Home-school families find ways to network

It's not what you think.

That's a key piece of advice Lorri Wiegand offers to any parents considering home instruction for their child.

"When you talk to a lot of people it seems they think you're holed up at home and your day goes completely as planned," Wiegand said. "And you might think with home-schooling you'd be at home a lot, but we're out and about a lot."

Wiegand -- whose children are currently in third grade, first grade and preschool -- started home-schooling years ago because she was impressed by family members who were doing it.

Her children are some of the estimated 2 million homeschooled across the United States, according to figures from the National Home Education Research Institute. And families of those students are finding ways to network and share resources more than ever.

Tippecanoe County and the surrounding area have many such groups.

Mari Doerr and her husband, Kevin Doerr, are the regional representatives for the Indiana Association of Home Educators and they help disseminate information to the eight-county region.