Saturday, June 28, 2008

May still be a little time to Catch this

Can you please post this info. on your website? The Southern California Catholic Home Educator's Conference (SCCHE) Conference & Curriculum Fair is this Saturday, June 28, 2008. We will be offerning a TEEN TRACK for teens, entering grade 9 and above. I have just updated the information for the teen track and included it in a flyer. The conference and teen track are open to all, although they are Catholic based. That being said, we encourage all to attend. We offer a free curriculum fair and the Introduction to Homeschooling talk is also free. We will have some wonderful speakers and vendors and they can be seen at the website at:

Thank you for your consideration.

Theresa Rugel-The
SCCHE committee

Please see attached flyer for updated and detailed information
on The Southern California Catholic Home Educator's (SCCHE) Conference
& Curriculum Fair's Teen Track. Also come by the Information booth
at the conference to get info. on our upcoming summer activities for teens,
including beach days and movie nights (high school alumni from the
last couple of years are also invited to some of our functions, including
movie night, sponsored by Inland Empire Catholic Homeschoolers.)

God bless you,
Theresa Rugel-The, SCCHE committee

Catholic Homeschooling Teens:
Where DOES Faith, Family and Education Meet IN YOUR LIFE?

This year The Southern California Catholic Home Educator's
Conference and Curriculum Fair is very pleased to offer a
time just for the teens.

Come join us for Food, Fun, and Fellowship!

Take some time this summer to meet or reconnect with
other Catholic Homeschooling teens.

For only $10.00 you can plan on spending time in praise and
worship, in adoration and of course "just hanging" with other

And the best part; Lunch is included!

Don't miss out, sign up now! (Be sure to open attached flyer, as it has all the updated info.)