Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reminder from CHN (California Homeschool Network)

The CHN Family Expo is in 4 weeks and TODAY is the last day to register
early for the Expo and get the really low price! The shopping cart and
links to the registration forms will be removed from the website after
today, and you will no longer see the $40 per adult, $50 per couple and $30
for children prices. This is it! Register here:

If you registered yesterday, you were in good company, and we still have a
lot to process, so please be patient while we get to all of them. An email
will be sent to you and you'll also be subscribed to our private Yahoo

HOTEL - The Marriott Hotel opened up more rooms for Thursday and for Sunday
nights, so if anyone has changed their mind and would like to extend their
stay, you can now do it if you hurry! Thursday is especially popular, so
we're really glad to see a few extra rooms available! Don't wait long on
these, though. Friday and Saturday nights are full, but we're starting a
waiting list for those who hope to get those nights. Usually someone ends
up cancelling, so if we hear of any rooms becoming available, we'll let the
person who reserved the room know about the person still hoping to get a
room. We hope this helps everyone! To reserve Thursday or Sunday, go
To be placed on our hotel waiting list, email chn_expo @ (remove spaces).

Don't miss the CHN Expo! The Expo helps both new homeschoolers and those
who need encouragement after many years of homeschooling!


CHN Family Expo - "Trust the Parents!"
August 1-3, 2008 Ontario Marriott Hotel