Wednesday, September 3, 2008

From the Inbox: El Dustberry Home School Programs

El Dustberry Home School Programs


Come join us in our tipi under the oak tree…

As winter approaches it is time to begin a new season of adventures
in our beautiful outdoor classroom!

We are excited to offer your children hands on learning experiences
at our new facility located in Rustic Canyon, at the Boy Scouts Camp
Our new home covers 110 acres of Santa Monica Mountain range and is
absolutely a paradise to teach on! Home to deer, buck and a multitude
of other creatures, our ranch is amongst oak, eucalyptus, and
sycamore and is completely nestled into the mountains, providing us
with a sheltered and refuge like atmosphere.

All our teaching will be imbued with the key concepts and life
principles we teach through our horses and through all of our
programs: Through interactions with our horses and nature in all of
our programs, we teach key principles of life, such as the power of
sharing, tolerance, respect, appreciation, cause and effect, and that
each of us makes a powerful difference. All of our programs are
infused with these concepts and promote (healing) and learning in a
unique way .Our "rescue" horses have healed under our care, and are
the foundation of all of our programs. Each horse has a history and a
story to tell that serves as teaching tools in our programs.

Cheyenne Price and Robin Rapaport will lead teach an exciting
curriculum based on California (local) indigenous history and
culture, how the horses constantly are teaching us about ourselves,
others and the world around us, and fun!

We shall explore:

• Chumash (& others) way of respecting and treating all living
creatures (treating others the way you want to be treated)
• Art, crafts, drama, poetry, story telling, creative writing &
unique projects that integrate with sessions and curriculum
• The "Circle of Beings" Ceremony
• Plants and plant communities of the Santa Monica Mountains
• Ground work with our horses
• Creating relationships with the horses, horse care, learning
all about horses
• Instruction in basic and natural horsemanship, (riding not
included in each session)
• Trail rides

Weekly curriculum available upon request and is subject to change
according to needs and interests of participants.
Each session will consist of approximately one hour of activities
that are thematic and integrated into the curriculum and one hour of
hands on interactions with our horses
We will accommodate the needs and interests of all children as best
we can! (for example, if there is more interest in horses, we can
work more with horses, etc)


8 weeks: January 2, 9, 30
February 6, 13, 20, 27
March 5
2 hour sessions, 10-12:00
Bring a lunch and eat on site from 12:00- 12:30
5 years and up
$240 per first child, siblings $200
$180 Participating parent

Parents may participate, or drop off, or enjoy a hike or read a book,
or simply relax, (or take a nap!). There are many places to "get
lost" on the property-trails and quiet areas. (You can bring your
little ones to take a walk with you or just hang out while big
brother or sister has their program)

Please contact Robin (818 995-0277) or email (robin@eldustberry,com)
for more information or to reserve your child's place in winter
Meet you by the tipi (our new classroom)!

"Learning and healing through horses and nature"