Tuesday, November 18, 2008

From the Inbox: Homeschool Science Academy

5 Free Online Classes for Students & Parents
For 6th - 12th Grade Students
These classes meet one time for 45 minutes
"The Urge" (to go).. and other complex (but rarely thought of) characteristics of the human body that couldn't have happened by accident

"There's Life in the Blood".. An anatomical and physiological look at the blood.
"The Physiology of Blood Clotting".. You'll be amazed - cool stuff!

"Revelations from the Cadaver Lab".. What I've learned from human cadavers

"Working Toward Academic Excellence" A practical and Biblical guide for students
To register for these free classes, visit our site..

We also offer one and two semester online science classes..
(A discount is available through November 19th on these classes)
Forensic Anatomy / Pathology CSI (8th-12th grade)
Pre-Biology (6th-8th grade)
Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology (6th-8th grade)
Sports Medicine / Exercise Physiology / Athletic Training (8th-12th grade)
Visit our site for details, photos, and letters from students and parents..

Homeschool Greetings,
I'm a 12-year veteran homeschool dad and director of a university human anatomy and physiology lab. Please contact me if you have questions about any of my online science classes - I'd be glad to help.
Please forward this message to your homeschool group or friends who may be interested. Thanks!
Greg Landry, M.S.
12-Year Veteran Homeschool Dad
Director, Human Anatomy and Physiology Lab
office: 828-265-4101
cell: 828-964-1662