Tuesday, April 26, 2011

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Picture Books Easter Eggs for Anya (A Ukranian Celebration of New Life in Christ) - Virginia Kroll I Wanted to Know All About God - Virginia L. Kroll You are Special - Max Lucado Easy Readers Athletes of Faith - Kirsti Newcombe Grace To You CDs A Biblical Response to the Church-Growth Movement (Selected Scriptures) - John MacArthur Characteristics of a Contented Christian, Philippians 4:10-20 - John MacArthur Depravity and Inability(Selected Scriptures) - John MacArthur God's Sovereignty, the Gospel, and Sleeping Well, Mark 4:1-20 - John MacArthur Hot-Button Questions About the Bible and Christian Life - John MacArthur How to Be Reconciled to God (Angola State Prison) - John MacArthur Jesus, Worry, and You, Matthew 6:25-34 - John MacArthur Q & A Session with John MacArthur (2010) Saved or Self-Deceived (Selected Scriptures) - John MacArthur The Believer's Comfort in Christ's Return and Judgement, Part 1, 2 Peter 3 - John MacArthur The Salvation Song of Security, Romans 8:31-39 - John MacArthur Hacking Agag to Pieces (Selected Scriptures) - John MacArthur Lessons from a Modern-Day Moral Shipwreck (Selected Scriptures) - John MacArthur When Believers Stop Believing: Portrait of an Apostate - John MacArthur w/ Phil Johnson The Believers Comfort in Christ's Return and Judgement, Part 2, 2 Peter 3 - John MacArthur An Insider's Look at the Resurrection Story - The Empty Tomb Luke 24: 1-12 An Insider's Look at the Resurrection Story - The Witnesses Luke 24:1-12 The Case Against the R-Rated Church (An Interview with John MacArthur) Christian Faith 101-Enoch: The Walk of Faith Hebrews 11:5-6 - John MacArthur Christian Faith 101-The Substance of Faith Hebrews 11:1-3 - John MacArthur A True Knowledge of the True God - Part 1 & 2 - John MacArthur Thinking Biblically About the Economy, Government, and Your Money - John MacArthur Answering Big Questions About the Sovereignty of God - John MacArthur w/ Phil Johnson In Touch Ministries CD: Lessons My Mother Taught Me - Charles Stanley First A.M.E. Church(Los Angeles) Bible Study: I Shall Fear No Evil.... 6/15/1993 Sleep, Dreams and Revelations, Part 1 9/28/1993 Sleep, Dreams & Revelations, Part 2 10/5/93 Sin & Forgiveness 11/23/93 The Bible and Money - Part 1, 2/22/94 7:00 PM Genesis, Part 2 09/27/1994 Genesis, Part 3 10/4/1994 Place & Role of Sex in the Bible 11/30/1993 Exodus - Part 2, 10/11/94 Sunday Service: Heaven has a Cover Charge 12:00 noon, 4/12/1992 Talking to God Thru False Teeth - 3/21/93 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Lashed, Lynched, Lifted! 4/25/93 (Pastor Cecil L. Murray) All God's Chillun Got Shoes - 5/2/93 Pastor Cecil L. Murray You've Got the Right One Baby... - 5/16/93 Rev. John Cager 8:00 am Yeah, Home, You Too! - 6/6/1993 12:00 Noon It's a Black Thang! - 7/4/93 10:00 am Pastor Cecil L. Murray One Monkey Don't Stop No Show - 7/11/93 8:00 AM Pastor Cecil L. Murray Brighten the Corner Where You Are 7/18/93 10: AM Cecil L. Murray "Is" Lorrie Logan (Student Minister) 8/1/93 I Can't Get Over You Getting Over Me 8/8/93 Pastor Cecil L. Murray (2 services) Sleeping With The Enemy - Rev. Nolan Williams(St. Louis) 8/15/1993 8:00AM Overcoming Starts With Coming Over - 8/22/93 12:00 Noon It Does Be That Way Sometimes - Pastor Cecil L. Murray 12:00 NOON God Puts a Little Mark In Your Git-Along 9/5/1993 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Jail House Rock - Rev. John Cager (Fame Staff) 9/12/93 Ain't Nothing But A "G" Thing - 9/26/1993 S. C. Stewart (Student Minister) Freight Trains Pulling Little Red Wagons - Pastor C.L.Murray 9/26/93 10:00 am Putting Chocolate Icing on Cornbread - Pastor C. L. Murray 10/3/93 8:00 am From Rag Doll to Wiggle Worm 10/10/93 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Open Up In the Name of the Lord! 11/14/93 8:00 am Thanksgiving in Time of Crisis - Rev. Mansafield Collins 11/21/1993 The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow - 11/28/1993 8:00 am Whose Mission Is in Your... Rev. Jay Armstrong (Student Minsiter) 12/5/93 God's Disappearing Act 12/5/1993 Paulette Seagraves (Student Minister) Volunteer Workers Needed - 12/5/93 Rev. Vernon Robinson, FAME Staff Wait! Rev. Mary Minor 12/12/1993 (Fame Staff) Talking with the Angel at Mid... - 12/12/1993 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Talking to the Angel at Midnight - 12/12/93 8am Service Pastor Cecil L. Murphy Still Crazy After All These Years 12/26/93 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Traveling on my Knees - 1/2/1994 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Where is God - Rev. John Cager 1/9/94 12 noon You're Out of Bounds - 2/20/94 8:00 AM Turnips that Don't Turn Up 3/27/1994 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Still in Sodom - Rev. John Cager (FAME Staff) 8/21/94 12:00 I'm Sorry, You're Sorry 8:oo 8/28/1994 The Perfect Gift - Rev. S.C. Stewart-Hector 9/25/94 8:00 am A Living Trust 9/25/1994 Pastor Cecil L. Murray A Letter to the Church In Hollywood - Rev. John Cager 11/6/1994 Learning From A Fish - 11/13/94 12 noon Your Terror Gets Your Attention - 12/11/94 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory 12/25/1994 Pastor Cecil L. Murray Suppose God is Black - Then What? - Rev. Lorrie Logan (FAME Staff) 8/6/95 12 noon 20/20 Vision - Rev. Charles Langston (Colorado) 12/25/1994 10 AM Friends Go Further Than Funds - 5/16/93 Noon Silence of the Lambs - Rev. J.D. Moore (FAME Staff) 1/30/94 8:00 am Tap Into the Power - Judge Roosevelt Dorn (FAME Staff) 10/17/93 8:00 am SPECIAL PROGRAMS: 71st Annual Conference - So. California - Rev. Ira Woodfin Dickason - Calif Conf. Branch WMS 10 am 8/23/1995 Bishop Vinton R. Anderson - So Calif Conf Branch WMS 10 AM 8/22/1995 Family Day 6/13/1993 - Rev. John Cager - Just Do It 6/13/1993 - Rev. Dyke Redmond 4pm Service Usher Annual Day Program (#4) - S.C. Stewart Speaker 7/25/93 4:00PM Mid-Week Prayer Service Rev. John Cager - Sanctified Lady 4/6/1994 S.C. Stewart - New Beginning 1/5/1994 Revival Rev. Kenneth Ulmer 4/26/94 The Story Keepers A.D. 64 (VHS/DVD) - Zondervan Publishing/Focus on the Family Captured! Roar in the Night Catacomb Rescue Sink or Swim Trapped! Ready, Aim, Fire! Breakout! Raging Waters Videos/DVDs Grio: African Bible Storyteller - The Good Samaritan (Urban Ministries, Inc.) Christy - Volume 4: Lost and Found/Judgement Day Christy - Volume 11: The Road Home/The Miracle of Christy Grio: African Bible Storyteller - Samson and Delilah Christy (The Original Movie) Christy - Volume 2: The Sweetest Gift The Simply Grand Quigley Band: Hide 'n go Sneak (Honesty) Adventures in Odyssey Someone to Watch Over Me (VHS) CD's Answers in Genesis - Genesis Chapter 1-11, read by Ken Ham Focus on the Family Cassette: Keys to the Human Heart/Blessing Others - Gary Smalley/Dr. John Trent Cassette: Encouragement for Single Parents - Mr. Bob Barnes Cassette: How to Know You're in Love - Dawson McAllister Cassette: Employed at Home/Helpful Hints for Home Management - Panel/Dr. Ray & Dorothy Moore Cassette: Experiencing a Fulfilled Marriage, Pt 1 & 2 - Mrs. Patricia Ashley Cassette: Submitting to God's Will/Words of Kindess, Source of Healing - Mike Adkins/Florence Littauer Cottonwood Christian Center - Pastor Bayless Conley (cassettes): Faith Sees the Invisible and Hears the Inaudible Josh McDowell Ministry Best of Josh McDowell Radio - Interview with A.C. Green African-American Images/Jawanza Kunjufu A Christian commitment: The Responsibility to the Cross