Sunday, April 20, 2008

Another Goodie I found in my inbox: SoCal: 4-H Fair in Chino - April 26 and 27

The annual 4-H fair for this portion of Los Angeles county is this
coming weekend at the Chino Jr. Fairgrounds. Yes, we know the
fairgrounds aren't in LA county :)

There will be animals to meet and pet, activities for all ages,
auctions and prize drawings, yummy snacks, and lots of exhibits from
the kids. It is a free event and a great way to learn more about 4-H
in your area as there will be clubs there from Blythe to San Diego to
San Fernando to Palos Verdes.

Saturday's key events include a homing pigeon release at 2pm, cat
show at 3pm, show by some wonderful performers that have agreed to
put on some of their current musical, and a barbeque (even vegi
options) in the evening.

Sunday's key events include the dog show, hobby horses for the 9 and
unders, the guide dog show, and the large livestock round robin where
kids get to try their hand at showing steer, pigs and sheep (it's
safe, honest!)

The exact address is 5410 Edison Ave in Chino.

The fair opens at 8am each morning and ends at 7pm on Saturday, 2pm
on Sunday.