Monday, April 28, 2008

Inbox Goodies

Found this in my inbox and wanted to share. It is a great opportunity so I really hope the teens will participate

Teens! Don't miss the Expo!! There's still time to register so
that you don't miss out on the dance, the Guitar Hero competition,
college info, fun, and the high school graduation!
Please help by forwarding this message to other homeschoolers and
other email lists:

The CHN Family Expo is coming in August, and you have until July 1st
to register, but why wait? If you register before May 1st (next
Thursday!), you'll get a FREE canvas tote bag!

If you stay at the Marriott, you also may be eligible for terrific
prizes like 2 round trip airplane tickets or a $5 Marriott hotel room
for one night! Check the CHN website (
to see the rules. Remember, if your registration is postmarked by
May 1st, your family will get a heavy duty canvas tote bag! Your
early registration helps us a lot, and especially this year, because
of the court case, so register by Thursday and CHN will thank you
with this valuable gift!

Most of the sessions are online right now, but we're still working
out the details of some more really great sessions, so keep checking
the website. And be sure to check out the speaker's page too. We
think you will enjoy the photos, along with the descriptions of our
guest speakers!

The Expo's theme is "Trust the Parents", and it couldn't be more
appropriate given the legal challenge California homeschoolers have
been facing! We know this is going to be an extra special Expo, and
that we'll be appreciating our freedoms all the more. Don't miss this year!

Just what is the Expo? It's something different for each homeschooler:
* It's a mom's resource for continuing education either for her
needs or because her ISP requires it (and if she needs something to
give to her ISP, CHN can provide a customized documentation for her).
* It's a rejuvenating mom's getaway weekend alone or with friends
so that she can kick off another great homeschooling year.
* It's a mom and dad's time away from the kids so they can learn
about homeschooling together.
* It's a super family vacation, where Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa
and the kids all have fun together, along with shopping and attending
a few enrichment sessions or some how to homeschool sessions.
* It's where parents come to learn if homeschooling will work for
their family.
* It's the place to hang out and absorb the joy of homeschooling
for parents who are either retired from homeschooling, or whose
children are almost grown. They may not need sessions any more, but
they use this time to catch up with longtime friends.
* It's a place to shop for curriculum, books, and games at the
vendor hall and also the Sunday used curriculum/children's entrepreneur sale.
* It's where homeschooled teens graduate from high school and it
has also been the initial meeting place for hundreds of homeschooled
teens over the years!

Bottom line is that the Expo serves the diverse needs of California
homeschoolers in one convenient weekend, where everyone gets to
customize the Expo to suit themselves!

Date: August 1-3, 2008
Location: Ontario Marriott Hotel
Reserve your hotel room

See you at the Expo!