Friday, December 14, 2007

Homeschooling in the News: Home-schooler to lead S.C. Board of Education

Found this in the SCNow.Com news section. I personally think it is great.

Here is a bit from the news story:

Home-schooler to lead S.C. Board of Education
Wednesday, Dec 12, 2007 - 05:51 PM
By Rebekah Carter and Robert Kittle
COLUMBIA — South Carolina’s Board of Education has a new chairperson, and it’s a woman who has never sent her four children to a school.
Kristin Maguire, 39, of Clemson was elected Wednesday morning by the state’s Board of Education, which is responsible for public elementary and secondary schools.
Maguire was elected to lead the board after members rejected Trip DuBard of Florence by a vote of 9 to 7 by the 17 board members. One member abstained from voting.
DuBard was the selection of the board’s nominating committee. After his defeat, Maguire was elected by voice vote.
DuBard, who has three children who attend public schools in Florence, said he thinks he would’ve made a good chairman but respects the decision of his fellow board members.
“It is what it is,” DuBard said. “I’m going to keep working for South Carolina schools. I think I would’ve done a good job.
“ ... hopefully we can focus on a couple of really key issues that have high impact on student achievement,” he said.
DuBard’s main concern is the state’s graduation rate, which he described as “bordering on the immoral,” as well as teacher retention and early childhood education.
Maguire said she is “totally passionate” about reading, and wants every child in the state reading by the third grade. She said she also wants more attention put on math in the classroom.
Maguire has been a member of the board for eight years and has won admirers for her dedication and hard work. Board member Rick Adkins, who represents Anderson and Oconee counties, said she’s the most-prepared member for board meetings.
“She knows the education system, public education system, backwards and forwards so I had absolutely no problem supporting her. She’s absolutely the best person for the job,” he said.