Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Japanese Lessons continue

Today we started back fully with our routine. It's not to say that we did not get anything done during the time the flu tried to make itself at home here but today is the day we are 100% and completely back on task. I'm still working through my Japanese lessons. I hope to join a meetup group for Japanese Language after I finish the Hiragana for Fun book. I'm also going to sign up for Lang-8. The more advanced Japanese Language learner is already signed up and it seems like a great resource for those trying to learn other languages. I actually love the concept of Lang-8 and will probably blog more about it later.
Today I actually graded Japanese Hiragana worksheets. I used the workbook so I didn't have to know the hiragana but it was a great reinforcement for those I've learned so far and also provided motivation for me to keep learning.
As far as the Hiragana for Fun book I'm using. Today's lesson covered
n = ん
ro = ろ
ru = る
Well on to other things.


NOK said...

one day I will understand this. I'm learning Japanese now. I look forward to that day

Thank you for your comment. I am really to happy to receive it. How is your Japanese? Do you enjoy studying? Well, I teach Japanese here in Bangkok. Also, I used to stay in North Hollywood and West Covina about 20 years ago. I miss there.

A Family/Group Member said...

Most is self study. I'm looking into some UCLA extension courses