Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Oregon Trail II - History

We've started implementing Computer Games into our daily schedule. Right now we are working through The Oregon Trail II. We are working through it individually and sharing tips, etc.

It is a game we've had for about 10 years (can't remember exactly when we got it) but we've decided to give it another look. It is geared towards Ages 10 - Adults and every member of the family is allowed to give it a shot. Right now we are looking at 30 minutes per day. Yesterday was our first day working on it and wouldn't you know I didn't save my progress before I exited yesterday. That's okay, I got to start over with some knowledge made during my first attempt. This time I am playing as a banker.

Anyway, I just wanted to suggest for you not to overlook computer games as sources of education and reinforcement. Even as an adult you should not shy away from them. You may not have the time to play like the younger one but it gives you more to discuss and also what better way to relate a lesson than seeing it from their perspective.