Saturday, February 2, 2008

Unit Study - Elections - A Republican perspective

This came through on a list I'm on. Full details are located at:

Here is a bit I copied and pasted from the page

Whether you hate politics or love it, this unit study makes it interesting—really!

Many homeschooling parents only vaguely understand the presidential election process. We vote in the primary (maybe), endure the endless political ads, and then vote again in the general election (probably). In contrast, other families already enjoy politics and arg … uh, discuss their views every time the extended family gathers, and yet they haven’t found a way to explain the complex process to their youngsters.

Eight years ago, a homeschooling mom, Fran Eaton, wrote "Homeschoolers for Bush 2000." In 2004, she handed it to Carol Gibbs, Melissa Carroll, and me to revamp, improve, and coordinate. This year, the material has again been enhanced, changed, and updated. Because of the exciting upgrades in the website and the new interactive feature of the program, a small fee has finally become necessary: just $5 per student or $10 per family.

Unit Study

HS for GOP (in Week 1, we’ll learn about this nickname for the Republican party: “GOP” or “Grand Old Party”), makes the process enjoyable. How?

  • Fun activities for students of all ages to get a hands-on feel for politics
  • Practical projects to understand how history affects us today
  • Interactive website to see how other homeschooling families are doing the projects

Website Features

After registration, you will receive access to:

  • Weekly lesson plans for all ages
  • Your own page here on the website to document your family’s adventures
  • Albums to upload photos and videos of your activities
  • Bulletin board forum to celebrate your successes and discuss your questions
  • Wiki editing formatting to comment on how you personalized the study’s activities for your children, or add your original ideas for projects
  • An area to post video tutorials on topics like “How to Make a Campaign Poster” or “Baking Red, White, and Blue Cookies.”


Fran said...

I'm delighted to see the Homeschoolers for Bush 2000 idea carried forward. It was such barrier-breaking stuff we did that year -- with a homemade website that reached 10s of thousands!
God bless you all!
Fran Eaton

A Family/Group Member said...

Glad you happened to see the post!